dereliction of duty police brutality

1 Year Old Executed By OPP – Only Witness Shot & Killed By Police #OPPBabyKillers #FTP #FlimThePolice

Don’t leave witnesses and don’t talk to the police. That’s how you get away with murder.

A one year old was shot and killed by OPP officers 26Nov2020. The only civilian witness was also shot to death by the police. The OPP claim they were trying to protect the child by firing uncontrollably at him. Sounds like a typical “wellness check” by the police you see on the news every week or so. 

The OPP officers that slaughtered the baby & witness are refusing to be interviewed by the SIU. Once again the police are literally getting away with murder. Their only punishment is sent home with full pay. A bonus vacation for killing a baby & witness.

We all know “wellness check” means beat and/or kill the target. We all know what is going to happen if you get the high school bullies to pay a visit to someone. The problem now is the high school bullies are armed and are believed in court over any Civilian/victim. It’s amazing anyone survives an OPP “wellness check”.

SIU press release.