dereliction of duty police brutality

1 Year Old Executed By OPP – Only Witness Shot & Killed By Police #OPPBabyKillers #FTP #FlimThePolice

Don’t leave witnesses and don’t talk to the police. That’s how you get away with murder.

A one year old was shot and killed by OPP officers 26Nov2020. The only civilian witness was also shot to death by the police. The OPP claim they were trying to protect the child by firing uncontrollably at him. Sounds like a typical “wellness check” by the police you see on the news every week or so. 

The OPP officers that slaughtered the baby & witness are refusing to be interviewed by the SIU. Once again the police are literally getting away with murder. Their only punishment is sent home with full pay. A bonus vacation for killing a baby & witness.

We all know “wellness check” means beat and/or kill the target. We all know what is going to happen if you get the high school bullies to pay a visit to someone. The problem now is the high school bullies are armed and are believed in court over any Civilian/victim. It’s amazing anyone survives an OPP “wellness check”.

SIU press release.

dereliction of duty police brutality

Psycho Cop Lunges At Unarmed Citizen – Video Released – #FTP #FilmThePolice

An out of control Hamilton police officer disrespecting and bullying an unarmed Citizen was caught on video. The hyper-rude officer talks over the Citizen and threatens her with arrest. The woman stood up to the officer and stated “Enjoy your bullying of a position”. The officer responded like a psycho schoolyard bully and lunges at the woman in an attempt to intimidate her as she shuts the door. The officers laughed to each other as they walked away thinking they put another taxpayer in their place.

police brutality

Citizen Creates Website To Hold Barrie Police Officer To Account

A Citizen has created a website to help hold the Barrie police officer that smashed the head of a Citizen on the curb repeatedly because the officer was irate his victim was not terrified of the police.

Visit to view the website.
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stefan Jeremiah/Shutterstock (10546001o) A crowd of protestors march up and down Fulton Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn Metropolitan Transportation Authority protest, New York, USA – 31 Jan 2020 A mass demonstration was organized by a group known as FTP, ‘Fuck The Police’ who are protesting the increased police presence on the subway system among other demands.
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Public Outrage After Barrie Police Attempt Murder Of Citizen – #FTP #FilmThePolice

Screams of terror by horrified onlookers with video cameras likely saved a man’s life from Barrie police officers. The officers that stood by or joined in are just as responsible as the out of control officer. 

A 20 year old nearly lost his life after making a flippant remark to a police officer in Barrie, Ontario. The officer loses all self control and attempts to crack open the skull of the 20 year old like a coconut, by repeatedly smashing his restrained victim’s head into the concrete. More officers joined in the fun instead of protecting the unarmed restrained civilian from the out of control cop.

The officer did not need to respond to the remark. Responding with violence and trying to kill the man is an act of terrorism. This was a clear message from the police to the Public that they must show 100% respect and fear of the Barrie police or you may not survive.

Gary Grisdale, who identified himself in messages to CBC News as the man’s brother, said the incident happened after his brother “went through a red light on his longboard after looking both ways to make sure the coast was clear.” Grisdale declined to give his brother’s full name.

Grisdale said the officer ticketed his brother and detained him for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, his brother went back onto the road with his longboard and “lipped the officer off a bit,” he said. The officer “got furious,” Grisdale said, and that is when the video starts.

Until all Barrie police officers wear and use body cameras, and these officers are held to account, FTP considers the Barrie police and those that support them blindly to be terrorists.