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  • 1 Year Old Executed By OPP – Only Witness Shot & Killed By Police #OPPBabyKillers #FTP #FlimThePolice
    Don’t leave witnesses and don’t talk to the police. That’s how you get away with murder. A one year old was shot and killed by OPP officers 26Nov2020. The only civilian witness was also shot to death by the police. The OPP claim they were trying to protect the child by firing uncontrollably at him. Sounds like a typical “wellness check” by the police you see on the news every week or so.  The OPP officers that slaughtered the baby & witness are refusing to be interviewed by the SIU. Once again the police are literally getting away with murder. […]
  • Psycho Cop Lunges At Unarmed Citizen – Video Released – #FTP #FilmThePolice
    An out of control Hamilton police officer disrespecting and bullying an unarmed Citizen was caught on video. The hyper-rude officer talks over the Citizen and threatens her with arrest. The woman stood up to the officer and stated “Enjoy your bullying of a position”. The officer responded like a psycho schoolyard bully and lunges at the woman in an attempt to intimidate her as she shuts the door. The officers laughed to each other as they walked away thinking they put another taxpayer in their place.
  • Citizen Creates Website To Hold Barrie Police Officer To Account
    A Citizen has created a website to help hold the Barrie police officer that smashed the head of a Citizen on the curb repeatedly because the officer was irate his victim was not terrified of the police. Visit to view the website.
  • Public Outrage After Barrie Police Attempt Murder Of Citizen – #FTP #FilmThePolice
    Screams of terror by horrified onlookers with video cameras likely saved a man’s life from Barrie police officers. The officers that stood by or joined in are just as responsible as the out of control officer.  A 20 year old nearly lost his life after making a flippant remark to a police officer in Barrie, Ontario. The officer loses all self control and attempts to crack open the skull of the 20 year old like a coconut, by repeatedly smashing his restrained victim’s head into the concrete. More officers joined in the fun instead of protecting the unarmed restrained civilian […]
  • 14 Year Old Brutalized By RCMP
  • Seniors Dragged Down Stairs By Cruel Cops #FTP # FilmThePolice
    Video shows child screaming as police officers forcefully arrest an elderly couple in B.C. WARNING: Video contains disturbing images and sounds.
  • Abusive Cop Caught On Video Dragging & Stomping Nursing Student
  • OPP Threaten Victim & Refuse To Press Charges After Councillor’s Assault On Citizen – Minor Injury Reported
    The OPP threatened the victim of North Huron councillor kevin falconer’s attack. He was told that if he wanted to proceed with charges, 7 people (councillor members) will claim he attacked/assaulted the councillor. Luckily the victim only received a minor wrist injury. The victim asked for charges to be laid against Councillor kevin falconer for his physical assault on 14Aug2020, the officer flatly refused. The victim asked to speak to the officer’s supervisor, the officer stated they might be able to make that happen in a few days. The victim told the officer if he couldn’t figure out who is […]
  • FTP Stickers Spotted
  • Stalker OPP At Large – Victim Pulled Over Hours After Video Exposing Police Corruption Goes Viral #FilmThePolice #FTP
    Hours after the story of a victim of OPP abuse went viral online, an OPP cruiser was caught on video driving past the victim’s home by circling the block countlessly. This stalking behavior is typical of obsessed psychopaths that are aroused by the fear in the eyes of their victims.  Minutes after our hero leaves in his vehicle he is pulled over by an OPP officer without a face mask. Our hero made sure his doors were locked and rolled his window down 2 inches, enough to communicate with the officer and pass through a driver’s licence and proof of insurance. […]
  • OPP Caught On Video Creating Lie To Justify Illegal Search In Court – Officer Repeatedly States He Didn’t Smell Cannabis Then Agrees To Lie
    OPP Officer 2: Ok, let’s say “you smelled cannabis”OPP Officer 1: Sure, yeah.OPP Officer 2: Let’s say that.OPP Officer 1: That’s fine. That’s how easy it is for the OPP to fabricate a story and to destroy someone’s reputation, dignity and future. Their victims are normally out thousands of dollars in legal fees and have to take time off work to defend against this grotesque abuse by the police. It’s their word against yours in court, unless you video record it. December 20th Kyle Pickering, a 27 year-old from Mitchell was followed by a marked OPP cruiser for 8kms from Mitchell […]
  • Required Viewing: How to survive a traffic stop – “I Don’t Answer Questions”