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Required Viewing: How to survive a traffic stop – “I Don’t Answer Questions”

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Roll Down the window all the way down half way even.
why don’t give them any grounds for suspicion.
when the window is only cracked.

they can start their crap and get away with it and make hell for u!!

if no drinking or pot involved face up is best and move on.
But sure officer my window is down may I help u is best!
Remember the cops are the biggest gang in the world and they have the courts in their pockets not yours.
unless u have stacks of money to make it go away!
As for the stickers.
try placing them on cars would that help!
But stickers hats off!!
Their entry into ur car is by smell.
if u don’t allow them to smell the area then who’s at fault!
If no smell, down the window goes! a happy smile and move on is best!
sure run the camera if u wish but al least use it wisely.
My problem is and it happened to me. Ride programs last summer no masks 4 officers no masks and they come in ur face now is that cool cops!
Please we cant leave the house without a mask now now we have to wear body cans too.
Please world people something
Help us All Please

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